Hello MacInnes world!

This is the first Clan MacInnes web site.  Please post nicely! And please no solicitations.

Happy blogging.

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  1. donnamc says:

    Hello MacInnes across the world, from the desert and mountains in Tucson, Arizona, USA where today it is 87 F and a low of 56. We are getting ready for Tucson’s 24th annual Highland Games November 6 & 7. It’s always great to see old friends and meet new ones.

  2. kelwhancock@gmail.com says:

    Some info on McGinnises of Nova Scotia and the Oak Island Treasure Mystery

    1. Donald (Daniel) MCGINNIS (b.1758-North Carolina or Isle of Skye;d.1827-Nova Scotia (probably Chester or Western Shore)
    sp: Maria Barbara SAWLER (b.1774 or 1787-,NS (probably Western Shore;m.8 Sep 1795;d.possibly 20 Dec 1855 aged 66 years-)
    2. John MCGINNIS (b.20 Feb 1796 or 28 Feb 1797-Chester,Lunenburg County,Nova Scotia)
    sp: Jane VAUGHAN (b.13 Nov 1800;m.11 Jan 1821)
    3. John MCGINNIS (b.1823-Chester,Lunenburg County,Nova Scotia)
    sp: Mary HATCHER (b.1828;m.7 Oct 1845;d.17 Sep 1865-NS)
    4. James Ambrose MCGINNIS (b.1853-Sherbrooke,Lunenburg County,NS;d.28 Jun 1918-Greenfield,Kings County,NS)
    sp: Annie Lucy BOYD (b.1856-Waterville,Kings County,NS;m.30 Mar 1879;d.Mar 1942-Greenfield,Kings County,NS)
    5. Walter Cecil MCGINNIS (b.20 Jun 1900-Greenfield,Kings County,NS)
    sp: Eva Mahala HARVIE (m.1921)
    6. Daisy Bertha MCGINNIS (b. Greenfield,Kings Co.,NS)
    sp: Chesley Emmett HANCOCK (m.(Div))
    7. John Chesley HANCOCK (b. -Wolfville,Kings Co.,NS)
    8. Kelly Wade HANCOCK (b. xxxx-Payzant Mem. Hosp.,Windsor,Hants Co.,NS)
    9.xxxx HANCOCK
    9. xxxx HANCOCK

  3. Anne says:

    Does anyone know of Eliza McInnes who went to Australia c 1855 after giving birth to a daughter, Maryann in Bute?

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